A well painted door can really bring an entire home together. If the doorway is looking a little bit ragged, it might be time to apply some interior paint. It’s an inexpensive way to upgrade the home, and most people find it easy enough to do without the need of a professional. Save some money by not having to rely on a handyman.

Picking Paint

The first step to painting an interior door is to get the right type of paint. Since a door is pretty small, using a can of paint is usually the smarter way to tackle the job. Some doors will need a primer, while others will just need standard paint to get the job done.

paint jars

Since doors are constantly being used, most people are up for glossy paints for added durability. They are also much easier to keep clean, so keep that in mind as well.

It is perfectly normal to end up applying multiple coats of paint on the door. Since the paint is expensive, it is worth getting a high-quality option to save time.

Tools needed

In order to tackle the job, more is needed than just the paint itself. It is worth investing in a small foam roller, a brush, painting tape and drop cloths to protect the flooring below while home painting. All of the tools needed are very inexpensive, and some will even have the tools already at home.

Should the door stay up?

Most people who paint their own door will not bother to take down the door. It is usually unnecessary, and it also takes a lot of time and effort to do that. It is just important to make sure that every single corner is covered.

If the entire door needs painted, it might make sense to remove the door instead of leaving it up. This really should only be attempted if at least a couple of handymen are working together. Otherwise, it could become a bit overwhelming. It might be worth it to some people who are perfectionists, but just know that it does take additional time.

Protect and tape

In order to make the paint job look professional, protection is needed. Make sure that all surfaces underneath the door are covered, and even the clothes being worn by all the people working on the project. It’s very easy to get paint on something, but if the proper steps are taken before hand, there is nothing to worry about.

Using tape properly is also going to make the door look professionally painted. Make sure to cover all the metal parts of the door, and any other sections that do not need to be painted that color.

Prepping for painting

Before painting an interior door, there are some things that need to be done. For starters, making sure the door is as clean as possible will make the job much easier. That means to wash the door, and then smoothing it out by sanding, using drywall and other methods. Since the door is a relatively small project, it shouldn’t take much time.

cleaning door

Next, a primer might need to be used, especially if it is bare or stained wood. The basic rule of thumb is that if you are trying to move to a lighter shade of paint, primer is going to be needed.

Once the primer is applied and everything dries up, the painting process is pretty straightforward.

Painting properly

In order to make sure that the paint job looks professional, a few basic painting tips are needed.

Always go in the same direction as the grain.

Start painting from the top and work down. Using gravity instead of trying to fight against it is always the smarter option.

Remember that paint can start to bubble up if it is not applied consistently. Smooth out everything as much as possible. The edges should be focused on last, and getting them just right can really enhance the look.

What if painting still seems too difficult?

It might seem like an easy task on paper, but even painting one interior door can be difficult for some. If a person ends up making a mess, or they simply do not want to even bother trying to do it on their own, help is available. Renovation Pros can handle this and plenty of other tasks inside any home. Call 1800 557 585 to set up an initial consultation.

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