You can probably count on one hand the number of times you used your garage for its original purpose in the last 12 months. What are the benefits of a garage? Honestly, it’s often just used for storage, probably so full of clutter, chest freezers and camping gear that it’s easier to leave your car outside your house. After all, today’s cars’ construction materials are totally weather and rust-proof, and will your car even fit in a garage designed for vehicles of a bygone era? You’ve often thought about converting your garage and now is the time to put doubts aside and add real extra value to your house; a home office, an extra room, a home cinema, a home gym, a rental income or even a self-contained annex. All of these appeal to potential buyers.

Benefits Of A Garage Conversion To Living Space

living space for working from home

Despite initial pandemic predictions, the property market is rising exponentially. If you’ve been locked down or find yourself now working from home, you fully understand the importance of new living space. You have two options: buy a bigger home or adapt the one you have, adding value to your home. The most cost effective option, and often a quick solution, is to adapt your existing structure. Garages converted to living space make perfect sense. Transformed extra living space can mean transformed family life, including the natural light and quiet area of a space that’s set apart from your home. Designing your converted space to be multi-functional means a dining room for grown-up entertaining, a family play room to keep them entertained while you work or relax, a home office or simply more living space on your property as your family grows.

Garages Turned Into Bedrooms

Many multi-generational families and homeowners need the extra living space for an additional bedroom. If you thought their going to uni meant you could rent out the room or install a home gym in your extra living space, guess again! Young professionals are returning home more and more to save for the deposit on their first property, so extra space in your habitable garage is a cost effective way of giving them a separate area with more privacy. A detached garage conversion could even make them feel it’s their own home. Just don’t let them get too comfortable!

Converting A Garage To A Granny Flat

With ever-increasing care home fees, more room for an elderly parent allows you to keep an eye out but still allows them to live independently. A converted garage offers even more value for money; avoid extortionate care home fees. Remember to factor in the costs of an accessible en-suite bathroom or shower room and any changes on floor level required to make life easier for the occupants. This will take away some of the available space, but in the long run gives you future-proof rentable accommodation on your property.

Garage Kitchen Conversions

garage kitchen conversions

An integral garage converted into a living space can totally transform the layout of the house, opening up a small kitchen to create a kitchen-diner and living space. Whether you are extending your existing kitchen or relocating your kitchen, bear in mind possible extra costs incurred when relocating electricals, plumbing and waste. But generally, locating a new kitchen in your garage space typically saves time as well as building costs, since the walls, foundation and ceiling are already in place. Pre-planning for your extra room is also the time to include space for those luxuries; a double oven, a huge island, even a utility room.

Garage Extensions: Pros and Cons

If you consider your car to be an extension of yourself, then maybe a garage conversion is not for you. There’s something to be said for your own dedicated parking spot, somewhere to keep your often considerable investment safe and protected. And there is no doubt that it’s less risky to keep your car in the garage; it’s not directly exposed to weather damage and theft. Locking your car away also affords many homeowners lower insurance premiums.

If your conversion falls outside permitted development, a building permit may be required to ensure that the building meets the safety standards and some homeowners may require planning permission and council approval. This extra paperwork can be time-consuming and does not always run smoothly. However, Renovation Pros has extensive knowledge of well-designed garage extensions in Melbourne and will take care of all the planning permission for you.

Single And Double Garage Conversion Ideas

games room garage conversion idea

Whilst small garage conversion ideas offer you extra living space for a games room, a home cinema, home office, a hobby room or art studio, a double garage conversion can be a completely different ballgame. There is real potential here for you to create a whole new home, especially with detached garages. Even if they do not need more recreational space or a spare bedroom, many home owners see the financial growth potential of the biggest investment they are likely to make. If you are bold with your garage conversion, the rental income from a self-contained garage space unit can be substantial, allowing you to pay off your mortgage early, take out investments, go on that trip of a lifetime or even allow you to retire early.

Garage Conversion Costs

The cost of converting a garage depends on the size, the type of room you want and the amount of professional contracting required. On a tight budget, a garage can quickly be turned into a simple bedroom or living space but if converting your garage requires plumbing, gas pipes, electrics, change of ceiling height, or levelled flooring, costs will rise.

There’s no need to lay new foundations or build walls from scratch, which saves a lot of money when converting a garage for extra space. Many garages already have electricity, further reducing your costs.

Take into account any extra garage conversion costs like an architect and project manager, potential planning applications, and any interest on loans when converting your garage.

The cost of moving home or even building an extension is high, so garage conversions remain a fantastic way to improve your quality of life. The cost of moving home or even building an extension is high, so garage conversions remain a fantastic way to improve your quality of life. Contact Renovation Pros if you’re interested in a garage conversion – we’ll take charge of all the work for you with our garage conversion services. Call today and get a free quote for your garage Renovations plans!- we’ll take charge of all the work for you with our garage conversion services. Call today and get a free quote for your garage reno plans!