Garages are a great place to store your car, but they can also be used for other purposes, such as an office, living space or bedroom. This article will explore the different ways that you can transform your garage into a habitable structure and help you decide which to pick based on your current needs.

Are you looking for an extra space to work from home in? With working from home becoming the new norm, converting your garage into a home office may be the best option for you. Find out how much it would cost and what type of renovation is needed to turn it into one in our guide to garage conversions. If you want more living space or an extra bedroom in your house, then a garage conversion might be able to provide that too.

If you’re interested in turning your garage into a bedroom, living space or office, the first step is to take measurements of the garage and draw out a floor plan on paper. Then you need to decide what type of garage conversion will work best for your needs.

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How Easy Is It To Convert A Garage in Australia?

The short answer is that it really depends. What are your garage conversion needs? Will you use the space for living, working or storage? Are there any other elements that will need to be considered before converting it such as electrical and plumbing work? Do you want to make any modifications to the garage door and is yours a double garage? Once you’ve made those decisions then you can decide how best to approach a garage conversion and how easy it will be. Check out our tips on how we’ve done this before.

Garage Conversion Ideas: Home Office

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What are some important reasons to renovate your large garage and convert it into your own home office? If you can’t spare any more room in your house’s living area or are currently working from home thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, it makes sense to create a comfortable, quiet space where you’ll be working for long hours, rather than working crouched over a dining table with the kids and your pets running around you all the time.

If you run a business and need an office space, it may make more sense to convert your garage into an office instead of paying monthly rental costs for an office space in another building. You’ll also have garage conversion benefits from the savings in travel time, not to mention the flexibility of popping back home for lunch every day and spending more time with your family.

A converted garage can be great for home offices as well since they typically have plenty of natural light coming in through windows and garage doors. At Renovation Pros, we can help you figure out how much your new home office would cost and what type of renovation will be needed. Your new room will give you the privacy and space for yourself that other options won’t provide and can even double as a study area for kids.

Garage Conversion Ideas: Bedroom

If you already have a driveway or parking space outside your home and don’t need covered parking, then it certainly makes sense to consider a garage-bedroom conversion as you do not need your garage space for parking.

Some great reasons to turn a converted garage into a bedroom are the ability to have it become an additional bedroom for guests or children, or even renting out the extra bedroom to offset the costs of the conversion and get a little extra income. An extra bedroom also means you free up space in other parts of your home. You could also potentially use the space as a study, home office or gym as your needs change over the years. To convert a garage, whether a single or double garage, into even a granny flat is also a popular idea.

Garage Conversion Ideas: Living Space

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Should you turn your garage into extra living space? It’s possible to create a functional, comfortable family room with enough room for a couch, TV and dining space. The garage can also be used to store furniture and other items that would otherwise take up space in your house. A simple sofa bed would mean that your living space doubles up as a space for guests to stay over. You could turn the garage into a second living area, which is useful for small homes with limited square footage needing a family room or if you have guests visiting often. You could also convert it into an office or studio as needed, depending on your personal and work needs. Having a shower area may mean convenience but also add to the costs of renovation.

Do You Need Planning Permission To Turn A Garage Into A Room?

In Australia, you may need planning permission to turn your garage into another room. A change in classification of your garage may be needed, which may involve an application fee and getting developmental approval from the authorities (usually local council). If you’re looking for more information about whether or not you’ll require planning permission or development approval, speak with Renovation Pros and we’ll help advise you.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Garage Into A Room Or Office?

The most common and affordable form of garage conversion is to create an open area with no walls or structures. This question is dependent on how much renovation needs to be done.

The reason for a variance in costs is that there are so many factors to consider including the floor area and size of the garage, existing condition of the garage and the type of renovations needed, the current garage floor and ceiling height and installation of windows, among others. Installing air conditioning, insulation, a shower room and bathroom, plumbing fixtures or doors will also contribute to increased costs. Ultimately, a garage conversion is a cheaper option than building a house extension or loft space on top of your house.

Are Garage Conversions Worth It?

If you’re looking for a way to expand your current home without sacrificing any square footage, garage conversions are an excellent option. When converting your garage into a habitable space or utility room, it’s important to consider how the new area will be used. A practical use of this newly-created space is as an office for someone who works from home and needs additional work or extra storage areas.

Renovation Pros can provide various design services so that you end up with a garage conversion that matches not only your tastes but also your lifestyle goals and budget constraints. Want more information about our expansive range of service offerings? Call us today!