A bunch of people sharing common occupancy, or homeowners who cannot be at their properties always invariably seek services of property managers to handle building operations and daily care fairly, efficiently and within budget. Property managers are usually away showing apartments, meeting with tenants, or checking on maintenance. Since a property warrants an array of repair and maintenance work, having a handyman at standby always makes basic sense.

We, at Renovation Pros, understand how property management works and the relationship that exists between property managers, tenants and landlords. Below is a list of some common repairs Renovation Pros could help you with.

Door Maintenance

man repairing door lock

Renovation Pros performs a range of door home repair and maintenance services. For instance, our service personnel can stop door drafts surrounding entry doors, prevent doors from swinging open, repair pet scratch marks, replace the door’s weather strip, and mend a door that doesn’t close. Our exterior and interior door installation services would improve your property’s value and curb appeal while also effecting energy savings.


We can easily repair or install your cabinets and inject fresh life into your house’s design. Our team would take care of peeling laminate, broken hinges, cabinet refacing and installation, etc. and make sure your cabinets become functional again and/or suit your aesthetics. Both existing cabinets and freshly installed cabinets can be taken care of.

Patching and Plastering

We would repair cracking, sagging plaster walls and negate the demolition mess. With wide fiberglass mesh and plaster washers, old plaster walls could be made solid and smooth again. Plastering is usually chosen over extensive repair sessions because it costs way less, can be easily used to create a dent-free and smooth finish, and naturally resists mould and mildew.


painting wall with paint roller

You can count on our team for both exterior and interior painting services. To ensure the paint job is done right, our technicians would go through all the different stages of the painting process, including careful prep work, final coating, and cleanup. The various painting jobs we can furnish include faux finish painting, painting skirting or base boards and accents, hanging wallpaper, power-washing fences and decks, adding wallpaper boarders, and staining fences and decks.


Whether it’s weatherproofing, window treatment, or installation, we would make it happen. Our window repair services apply to all kinds of windows, irrespective of their shape, location or size. We can fix issues with double-pane windows, window frames, window screens, and even windows incorporating moving parts. Locks, crank levers and hinges, our experts would handle them all.


If the manufacturer says ‘some assembly needed’, it invariably means a lot of assembly is required. Renovation Pros gets your wardrobes and other furniture into your house or yard out of the package, so you need not agonize over perplexing instructions. Directions to assemble a fresh piece of wardrobe or any other type of furniture could be puzzling and the assembly process itself could be laborious and time-consuming. Our professionals come to your rescue by handling your assembly requirements right away.

Smoke Alarms

If the smoke alarm is not working as advertised, its batteries could be dead or the actual detector would have lived its life. Our reno experts would inspect your detectors and have them replaced if required. We shall also enlighten you on the latest technology that could have dramatically improved smoke alarm technology in recent years.

Tiling & Caulking

bathroom with green tiles

Sooner or later, your bathroom caulking would be affected by mould. With our tiling, waterproofing and caulking services, we’ll make your bathroom look new and fresh again. We will clear the old caulk and recaulk around a tub or shower. Our tiling, tanking and caulking services would cover several common jobs – including tile installation and replacement, grout replacement and repair, shower and tub caulking, and molding, trim caulking and most of all, ensuring that your home does not suffer from rot or rising damp problems in the future.

Fixtures & Fittings

People usually spend a significant amount of resources and time picking the right fittings and fixtures to make their lives easier. However, during installation time, setting things up seems like the toughest thing to do. Hiring an expert ensures you do not struggle with mounting the TV, fitting new blinds at home, mirror installation, picture hanging, etc. We can also send you a handyman with the appropriate tools and set of skills to execute less common jobs, such as fitting a mailbox or cutting out holes.

Mould and Mildew

Mould consumes things to survive, and it will not mind eating your property if it’s allowed to. Certain moulds and mildews fancy the cellulose found in the paper backs of drywall, wallpaper and insulation. Others have a massive appetite for glues that bond carpets to their backings. Mold, when left unchecked, would eventually destroy portions of the wallpaper, carpet and drywall it attacks. Renovation Pros would ensure mould and mildew do not eat into your house and your health.

If you’re a property manager in need of reliable handyman services or an estate agent prepping up a property before sale, contact us now.